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A Free SEO Analysis Tool

This is an instant, free and no-registration tool to analyse the SEO performance of a URI for a given keyphrase. Reports include a variety of useful information and structured recommendations to improve overall effectiveness. Try a few reports and judge for yourself:

The tool aims to encourage the use of standards compliant, user-friendly and accessible code while at the same time helping website-owners to attract more visitors to their websites. Of course, no automated tool can substitute for a human analysis by an experienced search engine optimiser. If you're not able to understand and interpret the data, you're unlikely to get much out of tools like this.

Report Information

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See the content, word count and keyword density of various influential (X)HTML tags quickly. Word-stemming is used to determine keyword density.

Search Engines

View the number of pages indexed, link popularity and ranking of the site across the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Live).


See key information about the document such as whether it contains valid (X)HTML, the filesize, status code and content type.


View hosting information, such as the IP address, location, server software and reverse DNS records.


See whether the site has technical problems that may hamper search engine positioning including bad 404 headers, non-canonical URIs and session identifiers.

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This tool is not intended to replace professional SEO, but it is intended to provide constructive feedback and data that can help you rank better.

Free? What's the catch?

There's no catch. The site is a "hobby" project and not a commercial undertaking. Since launch in 2005, it's provided tens of thousands of free SEO reports. No data about the sites you analyse is stored or recorded, other than by general web analytics software of the type you probably use on your own sites (although the analytics used does not contact third parties like Google or Yahoo).

The worst you're ever going to see is a few ads or a donate button. If you want to give something back, feel free to comment on the blog, submit some feedback, link to the site or tell your friends. And no complaining if something doesn't work properly, although you're encouraged to report bugs.

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