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SEO widgets

SEO widgets available:

Add SEO analysis to your site

Add the HTML code below to your webpage to allow your visitors to jump straight to SEO analysis results for their own sites:

This produces a form like this (you can use CSS to make it fit with your own site):

SEO Analysis


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Browser SEO Bookmarklet

If your web browser has a links toolbar or similar you can use a 'bookmarklet' to analyse the SEO of the page you are currently viewing. To 'install' the 'bookmarklet' simply drag and drop the link below onto your toolbar, or alternatively right click on it and use your browsers bookmark/add to favourites option. (Don't left click it, or you'll analyse this page!). You will be prompted to enter the keyword to use to analyse the page, or alternatively, highlight text on the page you are on to use those words for the SEO analysis!

Note that javascript must be enabled for it to work.

Bookmarklet: Reaction Engine SEO Analysis

White label SEO analysis

If you're interested in a "white label" SEO analysis that uses your own visual design and logo, just fill in the contact form for further information.

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